December 8, 2010

Will you...

Here is my amazing engagement story that I promised to share a couple months ago!!!

I knew that I was going to get engaged this fall/winter. My boyfriend and I had talked about it a lot and about where we saw the two of us going. He was leaving in January to go to grad school, and we didn't want to live far away from each other for long. So we knew that we would be getting married in 2011 at some point so that I could move to Alabama with him (from Texas...8.5 hours away). Well I am THAT girl that is so sneaky and so snoopy AND never lets anybody surprise her, so poor Taylor had to try and propose to me while enduring my sly ways. Well, he pulled it off.

I found out that he was supposed to propose on October 10th a couple days before that. When I say he was supposed to, I mean that he had planned it all out, and then had to cancel because my parents couldn't be there. Yes...I found this out. I'm telling you...sneaky, snoopy and sly = me!

Well at that point I knew it shouldn't be too long after when he was going to do it. I mean

1. He had a ring

B. He was ready

3rd. He knew how anxious I was getting

I just KNEW I had figured it out. It was going to be Halloween weekend without a doubt! Friends would be in town for the football game, it was Halloween so I wouldn't suspect a thing. I was wrong. Ha.

On October 17th I woke up to a text message from my roommate asking me if I had already left for church. I hadn't because I didn't go to Sunday School that day (please no judgement). She said that she needed a huge favor and wanted to see if I could help. I said of course and asked what she needed.

A little back story: My roommate is engaged herself, and had just had her engagement photos taken a couple weeks prior. Well she had been complaining to me all this week about how her photographer never sent her engagement photos to her. That she had been calling and email ALL week, and still nothing. Back to the story

So, she told me that her mom had already paid for an engagement annoucement in the Dallas Newspaper (which is expensive) and that they HAD to have a picture turned in that night or they lost their spot. Well Caitlyn knows I have a good camera and that I LOVE to take pictures, so she asked if I would be willing to take some photos of her and her finace on campus that day after church. I said I would love to!

We went to church as always, sat with some of my best friends as always. We went to eat lunch together at McAllisters. At the end of lunch Taylor (boyfriend at the time) received a phone call from his boss reminding him that he was late for a work meeting on campus. So he said he would just ride with us to campus and then go to his meeting once we got there. Well the four of us headed to campus and he went to his meeting and we started taking photos. If you are an Aggie then you know about the large Aggie Ring, so we took pictures there, then at the Century Tree (where my roommate was engaged) and then Kirk let me know that he wanted to take pictures at his favorite spot on campus. This place is known to him and other corps guys as Meatball Track. Well I knew that Meatball track was right behind the Administration Building (aka the place that I have always wanted to be proposed to at), BUT I didn't think much of it. It did cross my mind, but I thought surely he wouldn't say the Meatball track in an effort to through me off...yes my brain was doing this...I also did not want to get my hopes up as I had many times previously in the semester thinking that THIS IS IT! (and obviously it never was ha).

We headed over to the Meatball track and noticed there was a lot of construction going on, so I told them we should just take picutres at the actual Administration Building. They were all for it so we headed that way. As we got closer to the side of the building I saw somebody I recognized. It was one of my very closest guy friends, and one of Taylor's very good friends and buddies in the corps, Casey. He was standing there all dressed up with a rose. I couldn't believe it, and I didn't, so I just stopped in my tracks and kept saying "". Caitlyn (my roommate) took my purse and camera and ran around the building with her finace. Casey gave me a huge rose, an even bigger hug and said "Are you ready?". At this point I was sobbing ( I do that a LOT). I just cried and cried the whole way around the building and all the way to the saber arch that was waiting for me on the steps of my favorite spot on campus. Casey let me go and I begin to walk up the stairs through the saber arch. A dream come true really. I looked at each of the RV's in the arch and realized I knew all of them. They all were special to Taylor or I in some way which made it even better.

When I got to the top of the stairs Taylor gave me a big hug and told me the most amazing things I have ever heard. They were so special and so perfect. After telling me just how much he truly loved me, he got down on one knee and pulled out a Vera Bradley traveling jewelry case (Side note again: I had been BEGGING him to buy me this case for about 8 months at this point. He always said no because he said $30 was too much for a jewelry traveling case I would barely use, so this was SUPER special to see he had purchased it). He asked me to be his wife....I know I was crying, screaming, yelling, crying some more, and I said YES!) He stood up and we hugged and kissed and then began our journey down the steps back through the saber arch. We reached the bottom and I couldn't help but just scream YES! All of our friends and family that were there rushed up to hug and congratulate us. So many of my closest girlfriends were there. Some couldn't make it on account of being out of state, but so many were there! Our familes were there to hug us and tell us how happy they were for us. We tooks LOTS of photos and then headed to a Bed & Breakfast that Taylor's dad stays at when he comes in town for a little party! We had cake and food and champagne and just visited with each other about the exciting time.

After the party Taylor & I went to my house with two cookie cakes in hand. I was able to ask both of my best friends to be my CO-Maid of Honors! They said yes! *Whew* Haha. Then Taylor & I went to go and make it official!

We changed our status on Facebook OF COURSE! We then went and had dinner with his dad, step mom and brother and just talked about the upcoming plans.

From there it has been the most exciting time of our lives. We have made some plans...which I'll talk about later in other posts, BUT we are most looking forward to our lives ahead of us! We cannot wait to see where the Lord will lead us and what He has in store for us. I just cannot wait to be his wife!!!

I hope you think about the day you got engaged, or the day you will!

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