December 7, 2010

Making a Difference

My whole life all I have ever wanted (besides falling in love and living happily ever after) was to make a difference. I want my life to mean something. So here lately, as I sit at my 8-4 desk job I have been trying to think of ways that I can do just that - make a difference. Here's what I've come up with.

1. I could...get a degree in psychology and be a school counselor for children who don't have anybody else to talk. OR just be a non-profit after school counselor. How neat would that be? To be able to counsel children who don't have anybody else to talk to about what is going on in their lives? I was one of those children who needed somebody to talk. I remember all of my school counselors. All 5 of them, from all the moving I did. I also remember every other counselor the court made me go talk to growing up. There was one in a church that I went to with my mother, and then I would leave while she continued to talk. There was another across the street from a K Mart that I would go talk to alone. I also had another that I went to for a short time because I didn't like him, so I didn't talk. And then I had one all through high school that I loved. Though my issues in high school were not anywhere as deep as they were when I was a child, it was so nice having somebody to talk to that I knew I could trust with everything I told her. I had best friends in high school, but we all remember how those went. They STILL told SOMEBODY. A counselor couldn't tell anybody and it was wonderful. Sometimes I think about being that for somebody. That could make a difference. That would make my life mean something.
(side note: I do have a degree now, it is just in Communication, so I would need to get another degree or a masters...or both, however that works)


2. I could...get a degree in education and become a high school speech teacher. I would LOVE that. To be able to interact with teenagers in a classroom. It would be a challenge alright, but I would love to be able to teach them how to speak in the real world. How to fill out applications, how to write a resume for an organization or job, how to speak in an interview. I just think it would be so beneficial to be able to do that. To teach young teenagers how to speak in public. How to give a formal, informal, how to, lesson speech in public. Whether that is to 2 people, or 500. I think that could make a difference, and my life would mean something.


3. I could...go to law school like I always dreamed and get back on the path for politics. From the time I was three years old I wanted to work in politics and government. From the age of 3 until 6th grade I wanted to be the first woman president (think I'm going to get beat to it, I still have 11 years before I'm even eligible haha). From 6th grade to freshmen year I wanted to be Governor of Texas (I'm not sure Rick Perry will ever leave) and then from freshman year in high school until about sophomore year of college I wanted to be a US Senator. I wanted to be a US Senator because I wanted to make a difference. The more I learned about politics, aka the more I was old enough to understand them, I realized they turned good people dirty and if they didn't, they hurt more people than they help. I also realized that year that I did just LOVE school. I loved being in college, but I didn't like the studying part so I didn't think Law School was for me. Now if I really wanted to make a difference, I'm sure I could find a way in politics, and I could just buckle down and work my tail off for a while in law school...but that's pretty far down on the list.


4. I for a non profit of some type. Try to find news way to benefit the non profit. Find ways to raise money, to help the organization we work for, ways to make life better for those we are working to help. I lived in a non-profit all through high school, it was a Children's home in a very small town in Texas. I never realized how much it took to run that place, but that was because we never were threatened with it shutting down, or not having food or the resources we needed. I would love to work for a place like that, to help make a difference, make my life mean something. I would just have to search. You might be thinking, well then why don't you go work for that children's home...well its about 4 hours from where I live now and it will be about 12 hours from where I will be living in August. So this is a big possibility. Sounds like the most attainable goal on the list thus far.


5. I could...write a book. I have always always always wanted to write a book. Not a short book either. I have always wanted to just sit down to my computer and start writing. And I have tried in the past. I'm just not good at finding a starting point. I want to write a book about not giving up, about succeeding when you aren't supposed to, about being the YOU that you want to be not who you're supposed to be...I want to write a book about life. My next post will be more about this. This is what I want to do more than anything. But so does a huge chunk of the population, all waiting for publishers to pick them up, all waiting to be discovered. So as much as I want this one to be how I make a difference and how I make my life mean'll probably always just be a dream. I will probably go for something like this:

6. I will...get married to the man of my dreams. We will struggle but always love and support each other at the end of the day. We will start a family and raise that family to know and love the Lord above. We will grow old together, always treating others with love and teaching our family to do the same. All the while we will pray for those that we know and those that we don't. We will have the life that we weren't' supposed to have. We will have a happy marriage with a wonderful family that two people from broken families are not supposed to produce. My husband will be the husband and father that a boy from a broken marriage isn't supposed to be. And I will be the wife and mother that a girl from an abusive mother and broken family isn't supposed to be. And that is how we will make a difference. We will always give, even when we don't' have any to give and we will always love. There's how I'll make sure my life means something.

You don't have to do anything extreme, its a lot like the quote by Gandhi "Be the change you want to see in the world", just do what you think will make a difference and what will make your life mean something. I'm not giving up on my dreams, I am still thinking and brainstorming on what I can do, and I'll find it. Sooner or later!

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