December 3, 2010


So I have been MIA for almost NINE months...that is ridiculous. I don't know what happened. One day I was writing super long blog posts about my life and all the fun adventures I have had and the next I got busy and forgot to write. I love writing which is so crazy that I just stopped. I will say I did get busy at work, which is where a lot of my writing takes place, buuuuuuuut, still no excuse. SO much has happened since March. SO much.

I am now 24! Had a birthday and loved every second of it. It might have been the BEST birthday yet. Which is funny because I didn't think I would enjoy any more birthdays after 21, oh but I was wrong! My friends joke that I like to have a birthday month...I don't really, just a birthday week. I mean is that too much to ask for? When else do you have an excuse to eat whatever you want, do whatever you want, and buy whatever you want? Never, unless its your birthday. And ONE day is not long enough to take care of all of that, so you just turn it into a week. I like it better when my birthday is at the end of the week because then it is almost valid to have a whole week's worth of celebration. Which is what I did. My birthday was on a Saturday, but we celebrated Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! LOVED IT! I will have to write a post just about my birthday and everything we did! Because, like I said, it was FANTASTIC!

I GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean my birthday was great and all BUT getting engaged was the best day of my life! I will definitely write a post ALL about that because it is just one day that I will never forget ANY of the details about. I have been wedding planning since then, and I will not make my blog all about wedding planning but I will be talking about my wedding and some decisions I'm making. You know, place (well I have that), colors, details, all the fun stuff that goes into a wedding! We even picked a date: August 6th 2011!!! I am so ready for that day to be here, but also not ready because I feel like I need MORE time to plan. I have not been the bride I thought I was going to be. I figured that I would have everything done within a week of getting engaged (which was on October 17th!)....and it is now December 3rd and I have booked are the place, caterer, photographer, minister & paper goods. So yes, I still need to find a DJ, Baker & Florist among things like my wedding dress, bridesmaid's dresses and anything else I'm forgetting. I have asked ALMOST all of my bridesmaids so far! I have asked 7....yeah we are having 10. Crazy, I know, but my fiance and I both have been so blessed with amazing friends in college that we cannot imagine not having them as a part of our day. I said I will talk about that more in other posts. AND soon enough we will have our wedding website up and I will put a link to it on here as well! Yay!

I received a raise/promotion at work! Really, just happened today but has been so exciting. It really just made my day/week/month! As I said earlier I was SUPER busy there for a while. I hired 104 people in a month and a half time span...busy. Ha. It just is such a great feeling to know that all of your hard work has been noticed. So yay!

Well I can already tell that I have written a lot. I'm not sure if a blog is the spot for me or not. I could write all day long. I'm not an excellent writer by any means, I just like to talk and so I write as I would talk to a friend, or even a stranger.

It feels good to be back and I cannot wait to keep up with my posts from now on. I hope everybody has had a great nine months and is looking forward to the holiday season! God Bless!

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