March 9, 2010


So I am new to the blog world, but I am already trying to follow some really fun blogs! One of my favorites so far is the undomestic momma! If you aren't following her you should check it! This is my first Top 2 Tuesday so here we go!

Top Two Names:

Girl Name: Natalie Marie

Boy Name: Campbell Kane (but call him Camp)

I know this are pretty old fashion/not hip and cool like many of the popular names nowadays, but I love them! I have always loved the name Natalie, and my middle name is Marie, so I like that. My boyfriend's middle name is Campbell and I sometimes wish I could just call Camp (but I like Taylor too). Kane is my younger brother's middle name my Grandmother's maiden name, so I am hoping I can help carry that on,and I just love the way it sounds with Campbell!

Just as an fyi/get excited. I am working on another post for today all about my summer camp! I started talking about camp with my friend Katie (who's blog is awesome!), and I just wanted to explain the whole thing, the traditions, the heat, the friends, the memories, the whole ordeal. SO, get excited all you friendly campers, because it'll be here soon!

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katie + bret said...

Fun names! My maiden name is Camp and I have always wondered how I can bring that into my childrens names. Campbell could definitely do that, lol.