March 3, 2010

all about me!

So last night I went home and thought about my blog. I told my boyfriend, Taylor, about how I finally started it and how excited I was. The more I thought about it, the more I began to wonder what all I would write about. I do want to do some of the fun day themes I have read in other blogs but not quite yet. I am all about starting fresh with the week, so next week I will try some of those out (which I am really really excited about).

For this week I am going to do what I think is what I will do most days and that is just talk. Since my blog is so new, those of you reading, don't really know me quite yet. I don't think it is very fair that I have been able to read about you and your life and kind of get a sense of who you are, but you don't really know that much about me. For those of you who are close to me and do know a lot about me, you might even learn something new!

Today I'm going to tell more about me in the format of those surveys we used to get when we were younger over email that was so cool!To me it was cool. The only difference is, back then I would have had the black background with all the different neon colors for my we'll keep it simple with one of my favorite colors: black.

Name: Paige Marie
Nickname: Paigers, Padge, Boots
Age: 23 and loving it!
Birthday: September 18th!
Location: Aggieland! Whoop!
Occupation: That's complicated...I do HR in a sense, but not technically...haha.
Color: Pink, Maroon & Black
Meal: Steak with Mac & Cheese and something yummy for dessert
Drink: Sweet Tea
Place: Admin buildling on Texas A&M Campus
Movie: Pride & Prejudice
Disney Movie: Cinderella
TV Show: Reality - The Biggest Loser, Drama - Grey's Anatomy, Crime/Drama - Law & Order SVU
Way to communicate: face-to-face
Fast food restaraunt: Chick fila
Sit down restaraunt: Pappa's Steakhouse
Scripture: James 1: 2-3
Way to be lazy: Cuddling on the couch watching what I've DVR'd
Way to spend a Saturday: With some of my best friends just having a good time!
Sport: To play - Volleyball To watch - Football
Team: Aggies, Spurs, Cowboys, Saints, Astros, USA
Animal: Puppies!!!
Day of the week: Saturday!
Month: September (my birthday month)
Holiday: 4th of July/My birthday...yes I consider it a holiday

Chocolate or Vanilla: Swirl please!
Dogs or Cats: Dogs
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook...but I'm loving the BLOG too!
Text or Call: depends...but I do love to text...
Early Bird or Night Owl: Night Owl....which is not fun when you work at 8 am
Flip flops or High heels: High heels
Dressed up or Dressed down: LOVE to dress up!
Mountains or The ocean: MOUNTAINS PLEASE!
Texas or anywhere else in the world: Texas! (I do realize my last question doesn't match..haha) Movies or TV shows: This is tough (and I came up with it)....hard to say.

Well I hope you learned a little something about me, and for those of you who already know me, hope you learned a little something extra.
I love blogging already!


JG said...

Chick-fil-A is awesome. :) In fact, I'm having a Chick-fil-A giveaway on my blog right now, you should check it out!

I think I'll fill this one out, too. :)

katie + bret said...

I am guessing McAlister's doesn't count as fast food huh or I am pretty sure THAT would have made the list, HA!

Fun little post girl!