March 5, 2010


So I didn't get to post yesterday because the Internet was being silly and being very, but no worries! I am back and it is FRIDAY! Which was very much to my surprise this morning when I woke up at 6:55 and told myself it was Saturday. Why did I do this? Oh because last night I tried to be a college student again and went out. Needless to say I left at 10:30 (got there at like 8:30) , but none the less, I went out. It wasn't until..umm...7:25 that I woke myself back up and realized that this in fact could not be Saturday because I didn't have jean Friday this week. I know you are laughing...but that is how I can tell what day of the week it is....jean Friday. Needless to say I made it to work on time (and in my jeans), but was very disappointed that it was not Saturday. That will teach me to try and go out on a Thursday night!
Why did I attempt to go out on a Thursday night? Well the fact that I still have quite a few friends in college never helps. Nor does the fact I have a boyfriend who is still in college either. Not that I do not LOVE those friends and my boyfriend, I DO! I just have a hard time remembering that I am not able to sleep in, skip class, or take naps anymore. They have tried to get me to go out before this semester on a Thursday night and I have always passed, but last night was a special night.
See at Texas A&M we have these five handsome men we like to call, yell leaders:

(These are my boys as I like to call them. My first group that I helped get elected with being a campaign manager)
And last night marked the night that annoucements were made for who won the yell leader posistions this year! See at Texas A&M, the Student Body President (SBP) and Yell Leader elections are a big time in the spring. There is a week of full out campaigning. This is the main way they campaign:

These are called sheet signs! ALL OVER CAMPUS! At differnt locations with 2-4 people "manning" them! Telling everybody "Howdy!" and "Vote 5forYell!" (that's our slogan) And yes I still say our, because I still support them and I put a LOT of my college time into it, so I still care a lot! (if you weren't sure) They also hold these signs on the corners of campus, these are pretty big intersections in town so a lot of people see them! That was always my favorite thing to do, so I actually have this campaign season. I get off at 4 and then I head to the corners of campus and do some sign holding and jumping around. It really is great! So the point of all of this was...well there were two points.

1. To show you something that I had such a passion for while I was in school. AND 2. To explain why in the world I would go out on a work night!
Well I went out BECAUSE (drumroll please)..................the results were last night!!!! So we have five boys that we represent (5forYell), for five spots. Two junior yell boys, and three senior yell boys. Of course the two former junior yell boys are part of our five, so really we are mainly concerned for the other three. I mean its like when people vote in a state/national election, the incumbent gets a certain amount of votes just because everybody knows their name. The real hard race though is that third spot for senior yell. We call that "The Third Wheel", original, I know haha. So, I know I've talked a lot already, but let me set this up for you. It is 8:00 pm on campus, at Sully (a statue of Sul Ross). We are all crowded around the statue, there are hundreds of people out there waiting to hear the results for yell leader, sbp, class presidents, senators, class agents..all sorts of things. The election comissioner stands on top of the statue...well kind of. Anyway, and begins announcing. The smaller races first, all the senators, then class agents, then class presidents, THEN...yell leaders... He says (I really hope you are as excited and nervous as I am haha)

"For junior yell we have....AUSTIN" (THAT'S ONE OF OURS!!!) "and for the other junior yell leader...we will have a run-off. (this is sad/scary). "The run-off will be between... DAVID with 46% (OUR GUY AGAIN!) and this other guy 23%." Austin had 52%, that is why he won right off. It is amazing that he did win and that David did so well, considering there were EIGHT guys running for TWO spots...CRAZY! Then the election commsioner went on.
"For senior yell, we will NOT have a run-off. We have....Travis (incumbent) John (incumbent) and..........(this is where I can't breathe...this was a close race...we lost this race last year.....and heard the exact thing about no run off....I seriously still am not breathing)....BRETT!!!!"
OH MY GOODNESS I could not believe it! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! So exciting! So, even though we got 4 out of 5, we still have a lot of work to do. BUT we were still very excited to have our 4 out of 5 and to have David in the run-offs, so that is where we are now. They are campaigning today and Monday. The student body will vote on Tuesday & Wednesday, and we will find out at 10:00 pm on Wednesday. So next Thursday I will be out again late....hopefully.
Needless to say that has woken me up, made my heart start racing faster. Just what I needed on a Friday at noon when I was becoming pretty sleepy! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!I know I will...sleeping in, on the actual Saturday! ALSO, if you want to see these wonderful boys that I am speaking of, you can check them out at!


katie + bret said...

I know you are loving how much you are able to be invovled :)

WHOOP for yell leaders!

JG said...

Sounds like an awesome time, worth the late night! :)