March 8, 2010

oh em gee!

So I know that almost everybody knows that the OSCARS were on last night, and I am sure so many people will talk about the gorgeous (and not so gorgeous) dresses, but I just HAVE to as well! I LOVED so many of them, but I will keep it to a Top 5...errr.....Top 7?...Ok Ok...Top 10!
Number 10: Sarah Jessica Parker in Yellow!
I LOVE this yellow! And it is so unique!
Number 9: Demi Moore
She is soooo beautiful! I love this dress, I just wish it was a different color!

Number 8: Helen Mirren - so classy for all ages, I hope to be as beautiful as her when I am her age!

Number 7: Kate Winslet

I love how simple this looks, yet so elegant. Just gorgeous!

Number 6: Cameron Diaz
I LOVE glitter! And this dress was just enough glitter and glam. And her red lips...just all great!

Number 5: Anna Kendrick
I had heard so much about how well she dressed...and then I saw it! This dress is just classic to me! I love off the shoulder and it is so goddess to me!

Number 4: Sandra Bullock (but only on here, FAVE actress ever)
She just looked stunning. There is no other word for it! And I love how she isn't PIN THIN!

Number 3: Cannot believe I am saying this..Miley Cyrus
First of all, I won't get in a rant about how I feel about her, but I LOVED her dress last night. I was so impressed with how beautiful she looked. I would wear this dress in a heartbeat...if I hadn't eaten in two years.

Number 2: Rachel McAdams
She just blew everybody out of the water. This is just gorgeous. The hair, the make-up, the dress, HER! Love love love it! The only reason it isn't number one is because...well you'll see!

Number 1: Penelope Cruz
It isn't HER that is number one, it is this dress. I wish I could have this dress and wear it everyday of my life. I LOVE it! It is so flattering, such a gorgeous color, the right length. Perfection in a dress. Wish it was mine!

I would love to hear some of your favorites! I have some not so favorites either, but I think the stars get enough trash talk from the fashion police. I'll let them alone. These stars just looked marvelous and I had to share! Hope you all had a marvelous weekend!!! Happy Monday to you all!


Candice said...

I am not a big fan of Miley either...well I just plain don't like her! But I must give her props as well for having a beautiful dress! And I loved Rachel McAdams too!

JG said...

I'm the same way - I care more about the gowns than the movies! Penelope Cruz is ALWAYS a winner!

katie + bret said...

SJP and Cameron Diaz's are my faves - Love them and their dresses!