March 8, 2011

For real this time.

Ok this is it. This morning I was thinking about my life...the past, present and future. I normally don't think about the past all that much, but this afternoon I am doing an interview about my past.

A friend of mine, Katie, is a grad school in Tennessee. I know she majored in psychology, so I know she is going to grad school to become a counselor, therapist, something along those lines. She sent me a message last week asking me if I'd be interested to help her out with a project. I, of course, said yes! I love to help out people with their projects...and it was about why not? Ha. Katie said that they are working on a project that focuses on developmental psychology. She wants for me to discuss different parts of my life and how that affected who I am and who I want to be, etc.

She sent me a list of questions today to think about and to try and answer in my interview. The whole point of this got me thinking again. I want to make a difference SO BAD. And yes, there is a little part of me that wants to have my 15 minutes of fame. Sure I had some "fame" in college. aka knew a lot of people, but I want the real deal. I want people to know who Paige Kauffman (well I will soon enough anyway...less than 5 months!!!) is!

SO. It is time to finally buckle down and write my book. I am hopefully going to be taking some time off this summer so I can really focus on getting the meat of the book written. I always have that same issue I wrote about before...getting started. SO hopefully I will get started somewhere and either work backwards or just work both ways. Either way, I am hoping that by the end of 2011, I have SOMETHING worth reading.

Who might be reading this post after reading my book. You've googled my name and wanted to see what this Paige was all about. Well, you found me! OR you are just one of my friendly readers/friends who came across my post today and you are laughing internally (because surely you aren't loling at that....its not that crazy a thought) and you are anxiously anticipating the day I actually start writing this book I've been talking about for so many years. Soon. Soon enough. I will do it! I'll let you know the progress, maybe I'll even start today!

Well not today, I have to go prep my answers for my questions. I think these questions are going to help spark my book. Katie might be thanking me for helping her with her project, but I soon may be thanking her for giving me a swift kick in the rear to get started!

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